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Strength is not a lack of weakness, it is what you do despite your weakness. -Samantha Ahlman, 2015

DRF has been instrumental for over 50 years in providing seed funding for researchers seeking innovative ways to correct or cure hearing loss.

DRF is the leading national source of private funding for basic and clinical research in hearing and balance science. Since its founding in 1958, DRF has awarded approximately 3,000 grants, totaling over $26 million.

DRF-funded research has led to dramatic innovations in hearing and balance science, such as:

  • Cochlear Implants
  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Surgical Therapy for Otosclerosis
  • Hair Cell Regeneration
  • Auditory Research
  • The Hearing Restoration Project

ABHF Mission Review and Redirection

In 2009, the ABHF Board of Directors reviewed and revised the mission of ABHF to focus on being a provider of hearing health care, education, information, and amplification products for seniors in long term care facilities and other under served individuals . In 2011, the Foundation was re-incorporated in IL as a 501(C)(3) non-profit charity and received its IRS Determination Letter on 8/3/2011.

The most vulnerable and under served citizens in Illinois, those individuals covered by Medicaid, receive virtually no audiological services or hearing assistance products. After reviewing the literature on the impact of untreated hearing loss, observing the virtual absence of hearing health services in Long Term Care facilities, talking with hearing health and other providers, and doing direct observations of residents in long term care facilities, the Board decided that there was a very significant need to improve hearing health opportunities for Medicaid recipients.


Launching its new mission in 2010, ABHF has provided auditory testing and evaluations for over 13,000 individuals who would otherwise never have received any hearing healthcare. In that same period, ABHF has dispensed over 5,000 hearing aids to low income and underserved individuals residing in nursing homes and supportive living facilities and living independently.


ABHF team members were observing that hearing aids alone did not adequately solve the problems resulting from hearing loss with our current patients; especially if there was long term auditory deprivation. ABHF began experimenting with the benefits of providing Auditory Therapy in addition to hearing aids. As a result, we saw significant improvements in speech comprehension and satisfaction levels with the hearing aids. We moved the trials outside our primary patient base to the general public with hearing loss and found the same accelerated levels of improvements in speech comprehension and satisfaction.

To provide a better and new approach to treating hearing loss, ABHF has opened a new Neuro Hearing Health Clinic that takes a “It’s Your Brain That Hears,Not Your Ears” approach to treatment. We learned that unless you retrain the brain to hear (Auditory Therapy),people will continue to struggle with understanding speech in a variety of situations even being fit with very high end hearing aids.

Today the Americans for Better Hearing Foundation is the leading, and may well be the only significant provider of hearing health care and hearing aids for Illinois residents covered by Medicaid.

ABHF is committed to providing quality hearing health care at affordable prices for all Americans. Contact ABHF to learn about its Fair Pricing Program for name brand hearing aids and help support hearing health for low income individuals.

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