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ABHF can partner with your church to help improve the quality of life for those who have both hearing loss and economic challenges.

Help Your Congregation Hear The Word

Hearing Loss Is NOT a Harmless Condition

Recent studies done by the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and the National Institutes on Aging identified direct links between untreated hearing loss and the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. People with untreated hearing loss have up to a 500% greater probability of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. The landmark study done by the National Council on Aging found untreated hearing loss directly linked to onsets of depression, anxiety, paranoia, and anti-social behaviors among seniors.

ABHF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that works with organizations to help their members receive quality hearing health care and free (Medicaid) or affordable hearing aids. Retail hearing aids are very expensive and are out of economic reach of many of our seniors. That is a key reason why there are over 50 Million people in the US with untreated hearing loss. We would like to work with you and your church members to improve their hearing health.

How can your congregation hear the Word of God, if they cannot hear the “word”?

We asked a similar question of the geriatric psychiatrists of the Advocate Neuroscience Institute. How could they do an accurate Alzheimer’s or dementia psychiatric exam that is heavily dependent on answers to their verbal questions, if they never checked to insure their patients could properly hear the questions? Those psychiatrists are now some of our strongest supporters.

ABHF currently provides hearing health services to some 12,000 seniors in the more than 80 nursing homes in which we provide on-site audiology coverage. In the nearly 2 years that this Program has been in place, we have dispensed over 3,000 free hearing aids.

Through Medicare and Medicaid, ABHF can provide comprehensive audiology exams for your members and parishioners. If the individual has a medical necessity and Medicaid coverage, they can receive free hearing aids. For those without Medicaid, we can provide very affordable hearing aids.

We can work out how those hearing health services can be delivered; whether it is a church member visit to a nearby nursing home when our audiologists are on-site, or it could be an appointment in our Burr Ridge clinic, or it could be an audiology clinic held in your facility. We can find the right path to helping your people hear their families, friends and grandchildren better and to hear the Word of God more clearly.

We would like to explore working with you and your church members. Please call or email your interest and we will set up a meeting. It would definitely be a great benefit for your church members and for your church.